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Download Rare Akuma Mugen Character

Download Rare Akuma Mugen Character

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There really is no escape from this clich. Rare Akuma creates dozens of skulls and smaller clones of himself in seconds to bash his foes.

Notably, he sometimes goes to his foe and uses an automatic K. O., 9. 99- hit Shun Goku Satsu. After that, he will either stomp his foe while being enlarged, cause his foe to explode via Segata Sanshiro's famous Judo Throw, or send his foe to an unknown world with a Statue of Liberty- like structure of himself, where his foe dies due to shock Planet of the Apes style. Rare Akuma can also stop time and teleport.

He can also bring out a 'Katamari' of dead characters he previously fought. In the newest Rare Akuma, if the opponent is defeated with the Katamari, they are attached to the Katamari and Rare Akuma throws it to the sky.

Rare Akuma also brings out a moon or the Death Star and hurricane kick on top to crush his enemies (parodying Dio Brando's Road Roller Da!). Rare Akuma is immune to projectile and magic attacks as of the latest version. He can easily resist most attacks, even being immune by F1 and F2. Some players gave out tips for defeating Rare Akuma, but these tips may vary by version. Rare Akuma is almost impossible to defeat with normal characters, characters with Super Armor fare a chance against him.

One way to instantly K. O. Rare Akuma is with the use of a Reversal as Rare Akuma has no protection against them. Due to the massive popularity of this character, many other characters also posses special modes that trigger only when fighting Rare Akuma, such as S. P. O. A much stronger version of Rare Akuma exists called Giji Rare Akuma, this edit is much harder to kill and has much higher defense then the original. Hovering the mouse cursor over the gap displays the hold duration if applicable. Specials. Hypers.

Download Rare Akuma Mugen Character

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Being a joke character, Rare Akuma is debatably the most powerful Akuma character ever created, on par with characters like Shin Shaitan, Hyper Akuma or Mega Akuma. Mugen characters for download thousands of chars, stages, dragon ball characters, naruto mugen, rare mugen. Everything for your mugen you find here . MUGEN is plagued by overpowered creations that can even put SNK bosses and their infamous syndrome to shame. Quite rare you’ll find authors who made. M.U.G.E.N., however, is a freeware 2D fighting game engine designed by Elecbyte, written in C with the Allegro library. Dedicated to shofuthabeatdown link to rare akuma is : http:// this is a download for rare akuma mugen character download.